How much money can I borrow? – Payday Loan

How much money can I borrow? – Payday Loan

It’s a really good question, and it really depends on which loan you choose and what you need to borrow money for. Is it for house or car, it depends on income and what you have for the payout. If it is a secured loan online, it depends on what kind of loan you are interested in. See for a write-up

Provide collateral for your loan 


We will give you insight into various loans online and how much you can borrow online. What these loans have in common is that you do not have to provide collateral for your loan and that you can use the money for exactly what you want. It gives you good flexibility if there is something you need to spend money on.

You need to choose the loan that is best for you and it should suit your situation. Therefore, it is good to know the loan types available in the market so that you can make your choice on an informed basis.

SMS loan


An SMS loan is a loan that you can borrow only using your mobile phone. It is the loan for you who is on the go and where you have to borrow money here and now, without the possibility of getting to a computer or in the bank.

SMS loans are smaller loans where you can borrow up to USD 10,000 – just by sending an SMS. SMS loans must be repaid very quickly, which should also be possible because you cannot borrow the very large amounts. There are interest rates on the same as all other loans, but there are providers that offer you a loan of up to 4,000 dollars, with no interest payable. This means you can borrow money for free using your mobile phone.

Payday loans


A quick loan is, as the name says, “a quick loan”, where it is both quick to apply and get the money quickly. Mercury loans amount higher than an SMS loan, but are not the same and thus not the same amount you can borrow if you take out a consumer loan. However, the interest rates are very similar to SMS loans, but the maturity is much longer and can be up to 2 years.

How much you can borrow on a quick loan depends on where you take out the loan. Your amount will therefore be decisive for where you can borrow the money.


With a consumer loan you get the opportunity to borrow a lot of money at once. Up to 400,000 dollars. And yes, still without you having to provide security. However, if you borrow a very high amount, there is the option of documenting your income in the form of paychecks and your latest annual tax return from GFI.

A consumer loan is a loan for consumption. It can also be a way to collect smaller loans together to make it cheaper. There will be a longer maturity than there is for both SMS loans and quick loans. In addition, interest rates will be lower than for the other types of loans.

Which loan is best?


The loan that suits you and your situation is always the best loan. If you only need a small amount for a short amount of time, then SMS loans or quick loans are the best, but if it is a larger amount you would like to repay at a slower rate then you should choose a consumer loan.

If you know what to use, you can easily borrow the right loan for you, and by researching the market you will find at least one loan you want to apply for. You can apply for as many loans as you like and afterwards you can say yes to the loans you prefer. For all the loans are also characterized by being easy to raise.

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