Save money: good advice on home buying – Loans

Save money: good advice on home buying – Loans

It is usually an expensive pleasure to go out and buy a home. Therefore, it is worth considering the following advice, which can potentially save you some of the many expenses that come with it.

There are a number of areas to save money if you simply pay attention to it. By following these you can save some of the cost of a loan.

Pay attention to errors in the home


If there is something wrong with the home, such as. broken tiles, a dripping faucet, or similar bugs, you should be aware of it as soon as you discover it. If you discover the errors before the purchase, it may result in a discount in the price or it will be fixed before you take it over.

If you first discover the error later, you have three years to object if you want compensation for the error. However, this does not apply if the seller made the mistake known before the sale took place. If, on the other hand, the seller has been aware of the problem and has not told the buyer, he is obliged to replace or correct the error.

Investigate the functionality of home appliances. It is important to make sure that the household appliances with which the house is equipped are working as intended. Home appliances are usually relatively expensive, so it would be a big expense if one or more of the home appliances do not work. If the buyer draws attention to these errors, the seller will usually here also reduce the price or replace the non-functioning appliances.

Take out a change of ownership insurance policy

Take out a change of ownership insurance policy

A change of ownership insurance covers both the buyer and the seller for at least five years in connection with a house purchase / house sale. This insurance can be useful if you later find that there are defects in the property that are not mentioned in either the condition report or the electrical installation report.

Therefore, of course, it is a prerequisite for the change of ownership insurance that a condition report and an electrical installation report are made, both of which are valid. Damages mentioned in the reports are not covered. Therefore, as mentioned, you should be aware of these in advance if you want a discount in the price or compensation.

Bargain for the price. Depending on the extent of miscellaneous faults and deficiencies of the dwelling, the price can of course be bargained for. But even if there are not so many errors, try anyway. People are usually prepared to act, and this can result in relatively large reductions in the original price, depending on the existing housing market of course.

Be aware that the real estate agent is not working for you

Be aware that the real estate agent is not working for you

Although real estate agents can be very charming and persuasive, as a buyer, keep in mind that they work for the seller. Therefore, they are usually interested in selling the property at the highest possible price. It is therefore important to be critical of the estate agent.

Therefore, it may also be a good idea, as a potential buyer, to find professional help from an independent advisor. This can be, for example, a lawyer, a construction expert or similar, depending on the situation.

These five tips could possibly contribute to a financially advantageous home purchase for a buyer. They are therefore worth taking into consideration if you are facing a housing deal.

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